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Mining the earth’s resources doesn’t need to leave permanent footprints.

Phibion thinks globally and acts locally to deliver a tailings management solution that can manage the issues of today while creating land use opportunities for future generations. 

Phibion was formed with the belief that it would be possible to deliver a better tailings solution that improved safety and reduced environmental impact while creating sustaining value for local communities. 


Early research in insitu dewatering processes identified that more could be gained by harnessing the properties of tailings than working against them as is common in conventional tailings technology. This in turn led to the development of Accelerated Mechanical Consolidation (AMC), a systematic and low energy tailings management approach that can reduce tailings volumes and deliver enhanced water recovery with the associated benefits of increased tailings density and strength.

By working with the existing tailings properties means we don't require additional capital expenditure to change or modify the tailings stream. We use your existing processes, tailings delivery systems and your existing deposition process to develop a sustaining AMC operation that is both predictable and cost-effective. 


In addition, when an operation finally closes the tailings dam can be safely and readily accessed, using conventional equipment, allowing immediate closure and development of further land-uses.


The Phibion business model will provide MudMasters tailored to your particular tailings, experienced supervision and the employ and train locally to improve community engagement and support. This capacity building approach is enhanced by the outsourcing of essential MudMaster® maintenance to local groups.


The mix of local engagement plus constant performance monitoring via the cloud to any point on the earth provides operational excellence and a local footprint. 



We respect the culture and land we work on and act to preserve it for future generations



Do things quicker, faster, easier



We deliver sustainable value to all stakeholders


Safety is our highest priority in everything we do.


You can trust us to work with professional integrity


Meeting customer needs

20190812 - Jamaalco Visit - David Frazer


Why we do what we do


To manage for today but create value for future generations.


Because industries across the earth don’t need to leave permanent footprints.


Our commitment to you


Invest in respectful and reciprocal relationships.


Prioritise safety, quality and creativity, be proactive about solving problems and always follow through.

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