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  • David Frazer


At Phibion we want to be the change we wish to see in the world. This applies not only to the most advanced in-situ dewatering technology available but also the people we bring along on our journey. That’s a big statement for a small environmental technology company but we have a habit of aiming high, achieving the impossible and delivering beyond expectations.

Part of that change is ensuring we maintain a broad, balanced approach in our decision making. This means we need people with attitudes and opinions outside of the industries in which we operate. Diversity in gender, aspiration and life experience add immeasurable depth to our capabilities. We attract independent free-thinkers who have attention to detail and challenge the status quo. This means that when we are looking for new employees we don’t just look at the traditional male dominated mining industry. We also seek and engage people with life experiences outside of heavy industry. Our team at Phibion are the best at what they do – we know this because we trained them and now they drive our business to be even better.

Just some of our superb MudMaster® Operations Team, Ex Marine Operations, Stefanie Stevens, Ex Grazier, Debbie Graving, Ex Purchasing Officer Tricia Strohfeldt


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