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  • David Frazer


Phibion Pty Ltd is an Australian based environmental technology company. We provide safe, innovative and scalable dewatering technology for tailings management and land reclamation that deliver sustainable outcomes today and for future generations.

Who are we?

Our journey began in 2006 when we founded the company as “Residue Solutions” to provide strategic planning tailings management advice to the mining industry. As our client base grew we expanded our operations into tailings management technology, tailings facility closure, land reclamation and oceanic seafloor mining. In 2018, we changed our name to Phibion to highlight our amphibious technology origins, our expanding international footprint and also reflect that our business has now become a data driven, disruptive technology. Our approach now offers unsurpassed safety, predictability, data capture and informed decision making beyond the capability of any competing technology all with a focus to provide better outcomes for our clients at a lower cost.

What do we do?

Our business is to dewater mineral tailings and dredged materials to high density reducing operational risk, environmental impacts and business costs. We do this using our own innovative process, Accelerated Mechanical Consolidation (AMC) or more commonly “Mud Farming” and using our patented processing tool the MudMaster®.

Why talk to us?

We do what others will tell you can’t be done. We harness the intrinsic properties of dewatering materials to rapidly maximise water recovery delivering high density and strength. This approach creates real value and operational flexibility. When correctly applied this approach matches the performance of conventional and capital-intensive processes like tailings filtration, centrifuge and flocculation systems but at a fraction of the cost…..or as we call it “Intelligent mud management.


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