• David Frazer

Ebenezer Rehabilitation Centre

Mental health is critically important for everyone and is something that needs to be nurtured. In keeping with the Phibion philosophy of giving back to the communities in which we operate we are proud to announce that the company is supporting the Ebenezer Rehabilitation Centre in Mandeville, Jamaica and their remarkable community service.

Centre Operational Manager, Mrs. Paulette Wheeler, said “The objectives of the centre are to rehabilitate the men, in order to rebuild their self-esteem, to control any existing mental/medical issues and to teach them life skills so that ultimately, they might return to their families and communities”

The centre is fiercely independent and staffed with volunteers. Activities are supported by the Southern Regional Health Authority, Ministry of Local Government, local fundraising and the generosity of Jamaicans. The centre also generates income through sale of eggs and farm products to the community.

Chair of the Ebenezer Rehabilitation Centre Fundraising Committee, Mrs. Joan Clarke said “We provide shelter, meals and medication to our residents. It is expensive and we’re grateful for any donations we receive. This year, with COVID-19, we have not been able to have any Fund Raisers making life especially difficult.”

Phibion has agreed to provide financial support to assist the centre with this remarkable service.

Phibion Managing Director, Mr. David Smirk said “As a company, Phibion has been welcomed into the Jamaican community and we always try to give back to the communities in which we operate. Our Jamaican Team are the equal of any in the world and we now bring our major clients to Jamaica to show them the best we can do. We admire the commitment of the centre, the residents and their amazing volunteers. Mental health is critically important for everyone. The centre inspires us all and we are honoured to be able to assist.”

Ebenezer Rehabilitation Centre