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Innovative Amphirol Technology

Safe. Reliable. Dependable.

The MudMaster | Phibion global mud farming leader


Best practice AMC can only be achieved using the MudMaster®. That is because each MudMaster® is customised to a specific tailings to ensure that the maximum possible dewatering performance can be achieved. 


At Phibion safety is our highest priority. Multiple safety systems and continuous monitoring protect the operator at all times. Phibion maintains a digital twin of every MudMaster® to test and re-test operational scenarios wherever we operate. We can also load and adjust operational capability as required via software uplink anywhere we operate.


Phibion constructs each MudMaster® in Brisbane, Australia to the highest safety and engineering standards. Each machine undergoes an exhaustive quality review and commissioning process to ensure we deliver on our promises. Machines are transported on dedicated freight cradles as a single unit. On delivery, no further assembly is required and the MudMaster® is ready to work.

Water Recovery/Volume/Strength 


AMC will increase water recovery as it reduces tailings volume as well as increased tailings strength. The benefits can be seen immediately. This is because of our patented technology and operational discipline.

Remember, there is no capital expenditure required.

Accelerated mechanical consolidation with the MudMaster | Phibion

AMC and Sustainability

Accelerated Mechanical Consolidation (AMC) technology can provide levels of dewatering performance approaching what can be achieved by filtration but at a fraction of the cost, a fraction of the energy intensity and a fraction of the complexity. In addition, this high performance AMC operations require no capital expenditure and with no changes to the existing facility.

AMC preserves capital for a project such that it can be directed to ensuring operational viability, minimising environmental impact or sustaining employment opportunities.


Selecting the right tailings technology can have a direct impact on a projects sustainability and getting this wrong can impact the viability of the entire project.

Research & Development


The MudMaster® represents the culmination of many years of research and delivers unmatched safety, capability, efficiency and productivity.

Our scientists and engineers continue this quest daily, constantly looking for ways to improve safety, improve performance and improve the quality of the MudMaster® data stream.


Phibion conducts this research in Australia in partnership with the University of Queensland and around the world with leading researchers. New developments are constantly tested in real-world environments and the benefits then shared across our global fleet. This approach means that learnings from one location can be quickly shared across the globe. 

Engineering & Design for the MudMaster | Phibion

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